How Are Technologies Changing the Way People Interact at Home or Work?


Technology such as the web and using chatting, mailing and social media with its aid are rampant everywhere. Now that they are easily accessible at home or work, how do people actually interact? Read on for highlights.

In fact, they won’t bother to stand and walk up to a colleague but rather use the phone to interact.

Additionally, they won’t concentrate on their assigned task(s) but rather chat, email and interact on social media which kills away precious time. A little of these is good for taking a break but spending too much time on them will affect your work performance and productivity.

Communication and interaction with other people at the office suffers and if it catches the eyes of the Boss, the person having fun on the web seriously jeopardizes himself/herself and their reputation. There is every possibility they will be laid off when it is time for the office to downsize its employees.

So how can you keep yourself from being in the above situation? You need to control yourself. Tell yourself when you are at the office: Today I will concentrate mostly on my work projects.

Chances are you have an internet connection on your cell phone and also at home. If you commute to your home by bus or train, then you can browse on the phone while you are traveling. Later when you reach home, freshen up and have supper, you can use your home IPAD, TAB, Laptop or PC to browse over the web or use social media.

Do not overuse the web and its applications. There are lots of little beautiful things to do in this wide world. You can put your son to sleep by reading a bedtime story. You can feed your kittens. You can read a novel or a magazine. You can cook for your family. Or you can take your family out for dinner at a restaurant. There are hundreds of little things you can do with family, friends and colleagues instead of being tied to the computer.

In this article I mentioned a few tips on how to really interact in life with the people you meet every day at your workplace and with your family at home. You may come up with more ideas and that is well and good. Just try to abide by them and do NOT spend time idly sitting at a PC using the web when you can do fifty other great positive stuff to live life fully.