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What You Need To Know About Drones


While drones are constructed for recreational purposes, you can also use them for professional aerial photography and videography, to inspect bridges, cargo carrying, wildlife tracking, and a wide range of other drone-related activities.

People who should consider investing in a drone

There is no harm in anyone owning a drone but you should highly consider investing in one if you love conventional remote controlled machines. These can be cars, boats, helicopters and many other units.

How Are Technologies Changing the Way People Interact at Home or Work?


Technology such as the web and using chatting, mailing and social media with its aid are rampant everywhere. Now that they are easily accessible at home or work, how do people actually interact? Read on for highlights.

In fact, they won’t bother to stand and walk up to a colleague but rather use the phone to interact.

Additionally, they won’t concentrate on their assigned task(s) but rather chat, email and interact on social media which kills away precious time. A little of these is good for taking a break but spending too much time on them will affect your work performance and productivity.

Communication and interaction with other people at the office suffers and if it catches the eyes of the Boss, the person having fun on the web seriously jeopardizes himself/herself and their reputation.

6 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using Technology


6 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using Technology

Ever pondered on whether you can grow your creativity using Technology? Can you relate? Read on to find out.

Here are a few eye-provoking ways:

1) Music Composition

Do you have a yearning for music? You can download tabs, lyrics and compose music with voice using suitable software and play it in a concert while you go live as well.

Is There an Intelligence Through Conventional Reading and Research Being Lost in the Digital Age?


What is your opinion about the title question? Any ideas? Why don’t you read on for a few highlights?

Conventional reading of documents in print allows you to focus more and give you enough concentrating power so that you are able to come up with research ideas and eventually a research topic.

You are able to do prospective research through programming and experimenting innovatively. In fact, for this to happen, you need to study programming and various experiments in your field of niche and come up with new approaches.

In the digital age, there is too much information on the web.

New or Used Computers?


When it is time for a new computer do you go with a used model or a brand new one? The experts will tell you that first you should know what you will do with the computer. Are you using it for work? For high end gaming? For checking social media accounts and emailing? Because computers get more and more powerful all the time something that is a few years old just won’t be able to compete with something brand new unless you don’t need or anticipate needing it for anything full on fancy.

Old computers are behind in a lot of things, the operating system is a big one.

MongoDB: An Overview


MongoDB is an open source database which adopts a document oriented data model for its functioning. It was devised by Dwight Merriman and Eliot Horowitz when they were facing development and scalability issues with traditional relational database approaches while building web applications for an internet advertising company named Double Click which is now owned by Google Inc.

According to the creator Dwight Merriman, the name of the database was derived from the word ‘humongous’ to serve the idea of supporting large amount of data.

Ubuntu for Tablets and Phones From Canonical


      For some it came as something as a shock, but for anyone paying particularly close attention to the recent developments within the operating system over the past couple of years, the announcement from Ubuntu developers Canonical that they are planning to release tablet and mobile phone versions of the popular Linux distribution should have come as no surprise.

    But what could Ubuntu bring to the mobile phone and tablet market that isn’t already provided by Apple, RIM and Android? Surely there is already one very strong Linux based mobile OS in the shape of Android already, perhaps negating the need for such a move?

    Regardless of what you think about Canonicals motivation for this expansion, the fact remains that they have established a full roadmap to getting the Ubuntu onto phones, tablets, set-top boxes/media centers and even TVs by 2014.

    It seems that the only thing that can stop them is a lack of partners or a lack of interest

    Why Ubuntu Suits Tablets and Phones

    As far as Canonical is concerned, their Linux distribution is ideal for all manner of different devices.

Is The End Near for Mechanically-Induced Flight Delays?


Is The End Near for Mechanically-Induced Flight Delays?

Have you ever had to deplane because of mechanical problems, waiting hours on end before you could catch another flight? Chances are, as you waited, you didn’t wonder if 3D printing could help get you back on schedule. But with 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, these delays might become significantly shorter.

Boeing uses fuel nozzles created through additive manufacturing.

How To Maintain Your Re-Chargeable Batteries


How To Maintain Your Re-Chargeable Batteries

If you have rechargeable batteries, it’s your responsibility to take good care of them, for them to give you a long service. The cool thing is that there are plenty of things you can do to make it possible. Some of the things you can do include:

Tips on how to maintain your batteries

There are plenty of stuff you should do.

The Diverse-Less Tech Industry – Change Never Happened in a Silo


The Diverse-Less Tech Industry - Change Never Happened in a Silo

If corporations have mission statements, goals and initiatives that they work toward achieving in their own systems of operation, shouldn’t hiring employees simply involve sourcing individuals who can help achieve corporate goals? Seems simple enough. I’m sure there are many more complexities to consider but at the core of it, this is the reason why new positions open in companies.