High-End RFID School Attendance System – A Smart Move For Schools

High-End RFID School Attendance System - A Smart Move For Schools

The latest technology of RFID is one such bliss that helps institutions in a great way by minimizing a lot of labor in keeping track of attendance.

Challenges That Schools Face In Managing Attendance

Tiresome manual job: The schools and colleges usually have clerks doing extremely tiring manual labor of managing attendance of students and staff. Continue reading High-End RFID School Attendance System – A Smart Move For Schools

New or Used Computers?

When it is time for a new computer do you go with a used model or a brand new one? The experts will tell you that first you should know what you will do with the computer. Are you using it for work? For high end gaming? For checking social media accounts and emailing? Because computers get more and more powerful all the time something that is a few years old just won’t be able to compete with something brand new unless you don’t need or anticipate needing it for anything full on fancy.

Old computers are behind in a lot of things, the operating system is a big one. Continue reading New or Used Computers?

Ubuntu for Tablets and Phones From Canonical

      For some it came as something as a shock, but for anyone paying particularly close attention to the recent developments within the operating system over the past couple of years, the announcement from Ubuntu developers Canonical that they are planning to release tablet and mobile phone versions of the popular Linux distribution should have come as no surprise.

    But what could Ubuntu bring to the mobile phone and tablet market that isn’t already provided by Apple, RIM and Android? Surely there is already one very strong Linux based mobile OS in the shape of Android already, perhaps negating the need for such a move?

    Regardless of what you think about Canonicals motivation for this expansion, the fact remains that they have established a full roadmap to getting the Ubuntu onto phones, tablets, set-top boxes/media centers and even TVs by 2014.

    It seems that the only thing that can stop them is a lack of partners or a lack of interest

    Why Ubuntu Suits Tablets and Phones

    As far as Canonical is concerned, their Linux distribution is ideal for all manner of different devices. Continue reading Ubuntu for Tablets and Phones From Canonical

Use of a Common Access Card (CAC)

Use of a Common Access Card (CAC)

Use a Common Access Card (CAC) on a Personal Computer running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux

A Common Access Card (CAC) is a smart card issued by the Department of Defense (DoD) to civilian employees, military personnel, and contractors. These cards, which contain user certificates, help protect data and restrict access by providing two-factor authentication to DoD systems, networks, applications, and websites. Continue reading Use of a Common Access Card (CAC)